Moving from a Tacoma to an SUV, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


I've looked into then a little bit, but haven't gone too in depth with my research yet. They definitely seem like an affordable and viable option with a huge aftermarket. I used to be a tech for a chevy dealer and saw quite a few common issues, but would consistently see vehicles with 400k+ miles as well. I'll do some research and stop by the forum to see what you guys are talking about!
For what it's worth, I think most of the common issues have pretty good aftermarket solutions on the GMT800 and 900 platforms, and just about anything is going to have its own set of issues. Being that you're already familiar with the GM side of the house, that's all the more reason to get one in my opinion. You'll already know the strengths and weaknesses of the platform and be able to judge a good example from a bad one. I think you could build a hell of a 'burb for under 15k. Probably under 10k for what you want to do with it. I lucked into mine with low miles that had been well maintained for a really good price, but that was before the current used car bubble.

Your Tacoma is right between a Tahoe and a Suburban in length, so I'd lean towards a Suburban if you're looking for more room. In mine, I'm planning to build a storage and sleeping platform that goes to the back of the second row, and just fold the seats down at night when I need to get in and access it from the side doors. I did sleep in it with the second row up once and I needed just one or two more inches of space to really be comfortable. I'm 5'8" so if you're taller that's a consideration, but with the second row down it's a full 8 feet of space.


Space Monkey
If you are intent on sleeping two people inside, I think you need to consider something full sized. CAN you sleep two people inside a mid sized SUV? Yes, but then where is all your "stuff" going to go?
Been there done that, and let me tell you that I have more room behind the second row in my Suburban than I did in the entire back of a Cherokee and thats with front seats pushed all the way forward.

I used to be a tech for a chevy dealer and saw quite a few common issues, but would consistently see vehicles with 400k+ miles as well. I'll do some research and stop by the forum to see what you guys are talking about!
Some members mentioned Tahoe/Suburban. I would consider them, will get you everywhere you are looking to go and much less than a Sequoia. J

Once you spend a night in a Suburban or Tahoe you will not want to go back to anything smaller or sleeping outside in the bed of a Taco.
I've owned multiple XJs through the years and I currently have a two door I've owned for 10+ years that I absolutely love to death. I will not get rid of that Jeep but, as much as I love it, I had to find something more comfortable and enjoyable to travel in.

I went with an '05 Sequoia, 200K on the motor and it was in pretty good shape. I've gone through a lot of maintenance items and I've currently spent around $3K on the vehicle since I bought it for $5K. This includes lifted suspension (needed new suspension anyway), full set of rotors, brakes and two new rear calipers as well as timing belt/water pump kit and all new pulleys on the front of the motor.

I've used the Sequoia on a variety of trips so far, on stock suspension with a roof rack and RTT. I really wasn't sure how I felt about driving a big, soccer mom, SUV but it has really impressed me so far and the added room is extremely helpful. I wanted a 100 Series badly but I could not find one within my budget. Now, I'm not so sure I ever really needed the LC.

The Jeep will remain my off road toy and as others have said, you need to work your way through every suspension component to run 33s. I'm still on 31s and I have replaced most every suspension part multiple times. I slept in the back of my Jeep with my gal and my 65lb dog and I was so tired of pulling out gear every night and repacking every morning. The RTT has been great but that's not real relevant to your goal of sleeping inside. I would not hesitate to build out the back of the Sequoia for sleeping. I will most likely build a set of drawers that match the second row seatback height when folded. That way, I can sleep in the back or bring friends along with sleeping accommodations for 3 or 4.

I expect the aftermarket support for the Sequoia to grow; suspension, racks, bumpers and various accessories are all currently available.

Honestly, I like building something that isn't as common as well.

I'm kind of rambling at this point but feel free to reach out with any specific questions. I'm just getting started on mine with the goal of having a reliable road trip/off road/ski resort/tow rig. I'm feeling good about my purchase now that I've started working on it.

Good luck!

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