Mounting My FWC Hawk SLIDE IN Camper On A Flatbed... Who Else Has?


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Hey All

I have a 2014 Tundra Double Cab with a Slide in FWC Hawk. Love the setup!

However, i am always wishing i had more exterior easier accessible storage.

I am prepping for an upcoming Arctic Circle Trip and going to be making a custom flatbed to mount the camper to and fill the void with custom Highway Products boxes.

I have most of the design done, and will be keeping the camper close to the stock height and the boxes will be shorter than most to get full suspension travel.

I've done a lot of research and google-**** but always looking for more ideas. Anyone else done this or have some links to similar builds they like?

I love member ITSATECHNIQUES build and followed it closely.

Any other cool similar builds i am missing? Any links or feedback is appreciated

I will be covering the build and trip here in a separate thread, and on my instagram:

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