Mounting a camper to Truck Frame or Flat Bed? (Flat bed in place of sub frame)

I'm looking to buy a RAM 5500 to start my camper build on. I've seen a lot of threads in this sub forum that reference building a subframe for the camper to compensate for the flex of the trucks frame. If I were to mount the camper to a roll of style flat bed, would the flat bed body serve the same function as a custom subframe? (obviously there would be some added height, and thats okay.


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If you bolt the deck solid to the frame, you get no flex advantage. The deck gives more structure than just bolting the camper to the frame maybe simplifying a well designed 3 point. But the deck also adds weight sooo........ RAM 5500, likely the weight of the deck is of little matter but run the numbers.

Also check with the camper manufacturer, stick to their guidelines or you might void the warranty.


I think the flex is more of an off-road thing. If you're only planning on regular roads and maybe nicely-maintained dirt roads, it's probably not an issue. If you want to hit actual trails and poorly-maintained FS roads, you'll probably want to incorporate some level of subframe. That could be the spring set up that some folks use or a full three-point system.


keep it simple. See what the recommendation is from RAM, check out Australia's requirements for mounting stuff to a truck (they have detailed, reasonable requirements). A 3 or 4 point subframe is a very complex bit of engineering and there a have been several global travelers with destroyed truck or being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a damaged subframe (or mount).