Mounting a Baroud to Front Runner Slimline II


Hillbilly of Leisure
Hi Yall,
I am looking for James Baroud mounting brackets that are 3.5 inches wide (between the threaded posts). I see that Front Runner now sells them, but a set of four for $100.00 is just ridiculous.

Yes, the Front Runner kit has a few different adapters for Autohome/Baroud and some height variation...but I don't need all that nonsense. Has anyone found a simple James Baroud mounting plate that spans 3.5 inches? The interwebs don't seem to turn up anything in the US except the item above.

I'm going to dig around town tomorrow for something that will work, but the chances that I will find something are not good. Building some might be too much work. I don't have much metalworking gear.