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I have thought about this alot, and done alot of offline testing. First, CCW only for me! No OC because it might frighten civilians lol.

So for a more ADV type bike it would be a holster located inside the tank fairing. Even my crf300l rally has room for a 1911 (which is the smallest possible useful tool). This would be perfect for unobstructed QD while moving, or at a traffic signal in Portland (not that I ever go to Portland). If it rains, just put a baggie over the pistol, punch a hole for the trigger finger. In fact use a black plastic bag, since that will keep the gun concealed when moving it to the shoulder holster for enterring starbucks etc.

But the more I think about it, I really can't see going pretty much anywhere without the AR and some grenades, so guess I'll sell the bike.


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Guns and 800 item first aid kits are 2 things I don't understand. On the first aid kits your reaction needs to be instant reflex. In panic I guarantee 90% with the full on paramedic kits don't have a clue... at some point they will be trying to read the first aid kit manual..... Think Army field medics and what they carry..... you need nothing more but you need practice to use it under pressure.

Guns are the same. Other than using a gun on wildlife... we will all hesitate and lose the advantage... indeed hesitate against an armed criminal used to killing people and pulling a gun pretty much guarantees you will lose. Wildlife and you are a hunter... a gun might work.

On both wildlife and armed criminals I have never missed not carrying a gun. Diplomacy works with both. If you can diminish the threat you stand a better chance than by escalating the risk.


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I just want a scabbard down the right fork leg for the 30-30.
I so wanted to extreme Bob my Forty Eight and have a Mares Leg or carbine .357 in a scabbard.

When I get my act together and get an ADV, (hopefully a V-Strom) my take down 12" bbl Chiappa .357 will accompany on bush camping trips. Pretty well impossible for civilians to get permit for carrying side arm in Canada.

To OP, is the hypothetical scenario you need to use this at a stop light or as you are parking/leaving parking spot?
Or so that it's already with you once you get off the bike?

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