MotionX for iPad help needed


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I'm having trouble loading and cashing a large detail trip to my iPad 3G. I'm leaving Alaska and headed toward Wyoming. I want the entire route cashed, but my testing here pre-trip is not proving to be successful. Anyone done this before? Any tips?


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I have done it before with only limited success. It's like the app doesn't like caches that are over a certain size.

Are you getting a certain error?


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Disappointing email from MotionX:

"Hi Don,Thank you for contacting the MotionX team. MotionX-GPS Drive HD is a network connected solution that requires a data connection to download maps and to contact our servers for route calculations. We do offer the ability to cache map tiles (at a given zoom level) prior to your trip via Wifi using the Pre-load Map option, but without a network connection you will not be able to calculate new routes or re-route if you go off-course. Here is a tutorial to display the process. With that in mind, MotionX GPS Drive HD should probably not be your primary source of navigation for your trip.
Please let me know if you have any other questions.

All the best,
Tom Lewin"


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Not the answer you were looking for but I commend them on actually writing a well thought out and honest reply that answered your question and gave useful advice. It's good software at a good price.


That has basically been my experience with motionX on both my ipad and iphone. Download the maps ahead of time, plug in a track before you leave, and then follow it. If used in this capacity, it works great, but if you want to do any route editing along the way it probably isn't going to work for you.


There are two different Motion-X GPS apps aren't there? The Drive app more resembles a traditional on-road GPS whereas the GPS HD app uses Topo maps for off road stuff. Which one do you have? The email response you got indicates you're using the Drive product which may work differently that the GPS HD product. My experience is with the latter and it definitely works 'offline' but it doesn't do any on-road routing.

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I have both versions on my iPad and iPhone. I use Drive around town and the other for any off road experience. I do preload maps, I pretty much have the west coast downloaded. MotionX is an awesome product, use it daily.