Most durable watch ever? Victorinox INOX


Dunno -- The special Rolex that went down almost 11,000 m on the Trieste in 1960 was a pretty durable watch...



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well, if my watch was experiencing any of those things, then I think the least of my worries would be how durable it is.........

" oh man! I just had a fall of 10 m, was repeatedly driven over by 64-ton tank, and spent two hours at 90° in a washing machine.....but thank God my watch is still going!"


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On a guys wrist that also made it down and back how does that make it tough.
That watch was mounted on the exterior of the Trieste, of course, and withstood pressures of approx 16,000 lb/in² (110 MPa). That's pretty durable in my book.


There are many discussions of that Rolex Deep Sea Special on the 'net. HERE'S one, the official Rolex version (best viewed on a PC).


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What my watch looked like new in 1984.

A couple of weeks later it was in a tool box that caught fire. Probably hotter than 90 degrees since the band melted and the LCD made the whole screen black.
Thrown off the Wolf Trap Farm Park pavilion from about 1/2 way up. A little more than 10 meters

Found it at the end of the work day, LCD was ok so I took it home. Put a new band on it and started wearing it again. Months later it had only lost a couple of seconds when compared against the USNO Master Clock.

The crystal cracked 10 or 15 years later while changing the battery, so I never got to test it against a 64 ton tank. :(
On the other hand, I only paid about $12 for it.


I'm a fan of my Casio G-Shock...I work on cars wearing it and generally don't worry about smashing it into stuff. It seems reasonably indestructible as far as normal wear is concerned - anything that'd kill the watch would likely be giving me much larger problems with my wrist.


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I own a Casio, purchased in 1998 for less than $15 in a small town in Bolivia. It has worked without issue ever since, including a couple of trips though the washer and dryer and at least one drop out a window. The battery does need replacing once every 10 years. Otherwise, the watch has been maintenance-free.


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I've had a Suunto Vector for about twelve years now. I'm a firefighter for the Forest Service and the watch has been put though quite bit. Banged on rocks and trees, covered in foam, water, gas and diesel. It doesn't look very good any more but everything functions like it was new.


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I bought my Seiko 6309-7049 automatic dive watch in the Ft Benning PX in '85. Survived 5 yrs of infantry duty, 26 years of LE work, fishing, kayaking, being worn on various shooting ranges, neglect and general banging around. Still going.

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