Morocco - Desert Offroad Trip


Trip looks wonderful!! Those rigs are such an extreme version of an adventure rig, but I'll bet they get you all kinds of neat places.


topless adventures
Gotta love Morocco! Will likely go again in September for fourth time. Had tentative plans for Algeria or Tunisia, but Morocco is just too easy as fall back and as your video shows just a brilliant place.

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Very cool. I'm so drawn toward seeing big trucks driving in dunes. I've always liked watching videos of the Dakar Rally: Truck Class where Kamaz, MAN, Iveco, and Tatra trucks are bombing through dunes.


We recently spent two weeks in Morocco but it was a guided tour although we did spend one night in Berber tents in the desert. Absolutely beautiful sunsets and sunrises.
We were driven to the tents in 2018 Toyotas, fine machines.


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Amazing! My wife just went to Morocco without me :mad:. Definitely on the short list of places to go.