Monty the 3rd Gen Montero


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Well, the past few weeks have been catching up on maintenance.

New Denso 02 sensors. I replaced my two oil cooler hoses, and my power steering pressure hose (was a pain to get to). Up next - I have a slight vacuum leak - thanks to this write-up

Soo I ended up ordering a new surge tank. Coincidentally I have to get my truck smogged before March - so this should be fun.

On the bright side I did finally get my new tires on. Same model - General Grabber ATX - 285-75-16. Fun fact if you have an ARB bumper you more than likely will need to trim the bumper a tad to clear the fires when up-travel occurs. Oh also bang out the lower part of the front fender.




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I am working at home now so are here a few updates on the truck...

@tdferrero I changed the wheels ;)

I got some EvoCorse DakarZero wheels from Mainlineoverland

Size is 16x8 - 0 offset. I think they looks pretty good!

I have also been working with Goose Gear and have their new prototype plate installed. It is pretty clean and cannot wait to get their drawers on!



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Hope everyone is doing OK during COVID. My Goose Gear drawers were built this past weekend and I finally got them installed. Brian and the team at Goose Gear have fantastic customer service and their products are top notch. I am happy they took the time to invest in the Montero platform. Before folks go about saying its just plywood and 80/20. I thought that at first too, but once Brian walked me through their development and manufacturing, it is so much more than that. You can find more info here -


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Such a GREAT thread! I read each page and awesome to see your progress. I probably missed it but how many miles are you on currently? My Montero is pretty stock besides some AT tires but even as stock it's been one of my favorite vehicles I've ever owned! The trips all over with the RTT have always been fantastic and it's never let me down! I'm considering moving on though to something else as I'm reaching the 200k miles and some issues are arising. Maybe there can be some help here in this thread. I have what seems like a pretty consistent little oil leak. I've have the Valve gasket and timing belt kit installed and I don't think the oil is coming from there, I'm having some rattling from the exhaust and CATs, I think they are shot and I've gotten some CEL in the past that are from O2 sensors and heating banks, and last, I have had this issue "currently fixed" I think with Guerrilla tape, but during heavy rain, I get the driver side foot well area just flooded with water. I came out from work one day and there was about an inch of water in on the ground! There is definitely some rust issues happening on the top part of the windshield and into the driver side A-pillar area so I'm guessing it can be that leaking down the A-Pillar and behind the firewall.

I'm considering moving on from the vehicle and getting something newer but I just really love this SUV and want to keep her going. I think I would have to spend about 3-5k "maybe" on say
- New tires
- upgrade springs and shocks (Don't need full on crazy suspension)
- Fix exhaust or CAT issue
- Look into engine work or a tune-up/overhaul "possible head gasket"? Not sure

If I could at least invest a little more money into and and get about 2-3 more years 60-80k Miles I think I would be satisfied. Don't mean to hijack your thread, Just seems like you have some great experience keeping your truck running great!