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My grandpa has had a 2001 Montero limited (he called it monty-sqareo, so I made that my username) sitting in his yard as long as i can remember, and about a year ago i bought it from him for a good price. It ran, but overheated after few minutes and had been parked since 2018 for a whole bunch of problems. In the past year its had a thermostat, 2 throttle position sensors, timing belt and water pump, 2 new old tires, and ive fixed the 4x4 switches twice. After the 4x4 switches died again this spring I went and bought a drive shaft and transfer case from an xls, so I can have 4x4 wether or not the computer is happy. I also went offroadind and a side-by-side came around a blind corner and hit the Montero. The side by side only messed up the bumper and a fog light, so I took the bumper off and have slowly been building a new one.
Has anyone put an xls 3rd gen transfer case in a super select 3rd gen? Im going to try, i have the longer drive shaft and the transfer case but I need a shifter and seals. And maybe some advice as to cutting holes in the floor. The reason I want the xls transfer case is you don't need the computer to be happy to use 4x4, so i shouldn't ever have to buy tcase switches again. I plan on tricking the current computer into thinking it's in either 2wd or 4hlc using a switch, so I can still see what the front axle is doing . And it appears that nobody on ebay will sell me a shifter without a tcase so I might have to make my own. Any shift stick measurements would be great
Does the transfer case ecu control anything else? If I throw it away will i loose abs? This is a early gen 3 so no traction control.


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I really don't understand what you want to achieve? The transfer case on your car is controlled mechanically. Sensors do not affect the inclusion of 4x4 in any way. The display on the instrument panel is only information, no more. If the vacuum valves break down, the front-wheel drive stops turning off and the car becomes all-wheel drive.
On the 3rd gen monteros the transfer case is controlled electronically, and in my case it's cheaper to fit a manual transfer case than to make the electric control system work. The electronic 4x4 is called super select ii if you want to learn more about it. And if the sensors go out it won't shift into or out of 4x4, there isn't a mechanical way to control the transfer case


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The difference in the control of SS- I and SS-II is that in the first case, the driver moves the lever himself, and in the second, an electric motor does it for him.
There is a way to mechanically forcibly turn on all-wheel drive. But the next time you switch modes, the transfer case will go into emergency mode again.

Tell me, what error numbers does the scan show?
The scan shows error code 33, for the 5 switches on top of the transfer case. I replaced them with some $20 a set ebay switches and it worked for a few days, tried some skp switches at $50 a set, worked for a few weeks. What does the transfer case do when it's in emergency mode? (Orange light flashing) also I already bought a junkyard transfer case and drive shaft from a 2001 Montero xls, mines a 2001 limited, it should fit right in if I cut a hole in the floor and i won't have to buy the misubishi switches at about $50 a peice. Thanks for your help


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This error may indicate not only a malfunction of the sensors, but also a malfunction of the wiring of these sensors. The sensor is very simple. There is nothing to break in the sensor - a ball and a spring, that's the whole mechanism. They usually fail after many years of operation, when the resistance of the sensor is critically reduced. But usually the most common cause is sensor contamination, but this sensor also needs to work for many months and years.


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Yes, and more. In fact, the sensors differ in price and catalog numbers. And also the length of the wire. But in general, they are all the same - it will fit even from other models, for example from 2gen. So if it's about sensors (which is doubtful) then you can buy the cheapest one, it will be with the shortest wire. This wire can be extended and not buy the most expensive - with the longest wire!
I tested the wiring when I replaced the sensors, and I actually cut one of the Chinese sensors apart to see what was inside, there's a pin (not a ball but does the same thing) and a spring, the spring presses on a rubber seal, and the seal presses on a switch. The OEM ones look the same but might work differently.
IMG_20221026_095958043_HDR.jpg IMG_20221026_095815703_HDR.jpg
finally got around to making a shifter for the xls transfer case, I've been a bit busy the past few months building a 300 hp Mazda. it shifts fairly well, but it catches slightly going between 4 and 4low


Does your Montero have a 4 speed auto or a 5 speed auto? I'm thinking 5 speed - but who knows. Also is the bolt pattern to the transmission attachment of the 2 different transfer cases the same?
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