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Saw this on the Seattle CL:

OME (Old Man Emu) Suspension Lift Kit - $600 (Shoreline)
posted: 2019-09-21 11:12
Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers and coils lift kit. They have maybe 100 miles on them... pretty darn new. I even have the box. Took these off a 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Limited


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Saw this while browsing, cheap and the body looks pretty straight, might be a worthy starting point for someone looking to do a motor swap...

1998 mitsubishi montero - $500 (portland)

1998 mitsubishi montero, doesn't run needs motor work, body and interior are fair, I had plans to make an offroad truck but I have too many other projects to finish
3.5 v-6 clean washington title email me if interested

VIN: ja4mr51r1wj000000
condition: fair
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: 4wd
fuel: gas
odometer: 237410
size: full-size
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: SUV

13018 SE Stark St
Portland, OR



Looking for that thing i just had in my hand...
Probably $2500ish assuming no rust. I'd actually pay a bit more as an enthusiast just for the low milage, I'd still disassemble it and refresh it.


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Those miles are pretty low honestly, if you can figure out if the engine has been well maintained, I'd say $3,500 honestly. If not, then less, obviously. Kinda depends on the interior condition too
You'd be shocked at how many go thru auctions and sell for nothing. I wanted a gen2.5 that wasn't completely thrashed inside and out.( or modded to someone elses specs) Pulled one out of Sacramento auction yard that hadn't been touched, just a bit neglected thru the years. Just beginning the resurrection.


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My CL ad died, but it's still on OfferUp. (Link below)

I love this truck, but i have an HDJ81, an FZJ80, and a V8 4runner. It's time.

ADD 2" HD kit with all the bells and whistles installed about 6000 miles ago. (Bulletproofed idler built on new oem idler, Siberian bushings everwhere, new OEM balljoints, the beefy boy rear panhard, etc.)
2" 4Crawler body lift
Fresh brakes. (Calipers, pads, replaced the front soft lines, upper and lower, turned front rotors (still plenty of meat)
Freshy fresh oem heater core just installed
Bangin' stereo. (Gutted all oem stuff, built from scratch)
I pulled this truck out of CA. Very minimal surface corrosion underneath, hasn't really progressed in my ownership. Everything comes apart as it should. (I work from home and i don't think i've even put 20k miles on this yet)
Recent gasket/seal/hose/plugs/wires refresh. (Basically everything north of the head gaskets)
Power seat and seat heaters work
Backdated non-airbag dash, including aux gauge cluster (I prefer the earlier compass/temp guage to the later 98-00)
Red LED interior stuff to not trash night vision
Ni-Lite reverse light "conversion"
Timing belt service done ~25k miles ago. I have receipt somewhere
Fresh front bearing set/packing job.

One of the Sway-A-Way torsion bars snapped earlier this week. Josh @ ADD is looking into warranty replacement for me.
Front seats only. (threw 2nd and 3rd rows in the dumpster with intent to build a platform)
Carpets aren't minty. No real bad wear or tears, just need a good steam cleaning, or just plain old replaced. (i was going to replace, i hate tan anyways)
Normal bumps and bruises for a 185k mile truck that was actually used.
I believe i drove in the front wheel seals a little far when doing the bearings.
Has some small leaks still. Oil pan weeps, but isn't leaving spots on the ground, nor is there a huge amount on the skid plates. Same for trans. I check fluids regularly and it hasn't needed a top off between oil changes for me.

Those of you in the Eastern US where these are hard to find.... this is your chance to cannibalize your rusty truck and move to a CA chassis with a bunch of quality (and expensive) bells and whistles without needing to drive 40 hours.

$2500, come and get it. Bring a trailer and wheels. Open to reducing price a couple hundred if i can yoink the stereo out of it to put in my HDJ81.

If i end up messing with replacing the bars, setting height again, re-aligning, and replacing the front wheel seals, $3500 you bring wheels, or $4000 with the 15" wheels wrapped in Nokian MTs from the HDJ81.


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Yeah it's not ideal. Hoping i hear something back about it soon, because while it's not mission critical, this is my DD for the little driving i do until my HDJ81 can be retrieved from Canada. So, on a general level, i'm without transportation for the moment while my wife is at work.

I would not (and will not, assuming they take care of business) hesitate to put another set on the truck. Freak metallurgy issue is the only explanation, and i'm a magnet for that sort of thing, i've found.


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