Montero Gen 2.5 (NL) Capacities, Part Numbers and Specialty Tools List


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MITSUBISHI MR569391 Shim Set, Pinion Bearing, Front (to set pinion rotating torque, per grandpa) has a typo, it should be MITSUBISHI MB569391


Well, I just got back from a camping trip in the 2.5 and noticed a squeal at idle when i started her back up. I got under the truck and noticed the dreaded harmonic balancer belt wobble, too. I tigethed it up as much is it could go to ensure it doesn't slip but she will be parked until I can get the replacement parts in. I couldn't find the part on the list, but here it is with links:

Rockauto: MD311472
And OEM catalog: MD368262

Not sure why they differ, but I will go with Rock Auto as they always served me well.