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I'm looking for a mountain bike to knock about the campground and minor excursions. It looks like I can get a Mongoose fat tire bike for about $300.00 bucks.

Anyone have any experience with these bikes ? Thanks



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The Dolomite was a early "big box' fat bike, its a 50 pound bike. For simply riding around the campground it would work OK.

I played with one for about a year, you can spruce it up of you want to but its not cost effective. You can drop close to 10 pounds just by drilling the out the rims, and swapping tubes/tires. If you have spare parts box or a shop with lots of take offs, you can upgrade it some.

There is a giant thread on MTBR about it.

IF you want a fat bike for cheap, I'd look at bikes direct. Framed Bikes also have some pretty good deals. There is a good fat bike classified page on FB also.


janky components. don't venture far from camp. I'd look for a better "used" bike. try mtbr classified and look for new leftovers or good used bikes.


I just purchased a used Mongoose Vinson. We will see who breaks first me or the bike.

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I have the dolomites newer sister. Malus. I never even took if for a spin in stock form, Ok maybe a couple times around the block, but I put as much in after market (Chinese) parts as the bike cost and now I have a $400 bike that's still a big box mongoose. don't get me wrong I like it. I use it pretty rough on some Ozark trials but never jump it. At the moment its down because a bent rear axle. And trying to find a 210mm axle is tough unless you want to wait two weeks to get it from China, but hey that's what I did with the whole bike. This is my big box build., I'm thinking about attempting the Ozark trail or at least parts of it on my big box bike.


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