Mojave Road April '16


Well my truck was supposed to be done by the time my yearly trip to vegas for NAB convention happened.

That was not to be.

So not one to give up easily .... I rented a 2016 Tacoma 2wd....joining me are my Brother in his silver 15' Toyota 4Runner (who is now sporting all my ICON stage 6 suspension) and fellow camera brother @lawndartdesign in his epic TRD PRO ....shaped up to be an epic trip.... Next year....My FJ will rule "the road" ..... And no I didn't tell the rental company what I was doing with thier brand new Tacoma.

I did plan on breaking it in properly.

We started our trip by exploring some of the easier trails in calico.

My brother going thru the tight fit of the Kramer arch.

Isaac exploring the rocky terrain of calico

inside a mining cave in calico with the kids

Junior explorers. My neice and nephew

At the summit

We made it !!! Mile 0 of the mojave road trail!!

blazing thru afton canyon trying to chase the sun as it started to set so we can make camp

chasing the sunset thru afton canyon wash

Lost the light but still stopped for a picture

We made camp at the Afton canyon campgrounds shortly after....was already dark and I had never stayed there why not!

Day 2 next


Next day we start by crossing the Mojave river....

I went first in my I can take pictures from the other side.

Then my brother.....the kids loved it!

Forgot to warn my brother on the bending lisc. plate issue....hehehe

Then Isaac with his snorkle monster.....

spooky canyon......I think?

Under the famous afton canyon train trestle

At the travelers monument

Putting our rocks on the famous travelers monument in the middle of Zzyzx dry lake

Mid day lunch spot just after afton canyon.

thank god for the ARB awning for some shade so we can enjoy our lunch.

His rig is amazing

We had some fun with the kids flying a kite.




Now this rig looks like a proper expedition truck!

Desert bloom

Abandoned Stone cabin

dropped in some coins and tagged the "money tree"

And here is Isaac winching me up the only tough climb on the trail open diff and 2wd had no worries he winched me up no problem.

The infamous mojave bus....left my mark

We found few "puddles" and had some fun.... but unfortunately my brother hit it too hard and covered me and the camera in ****.

oops......don't worry the camera survived and the shot looks amazing.

I got thru the mudhole....but got stuck luckily I rocked it back and forth and got out .......boy that would of sucked!!

Stopped for a photo op....

The fireman and his machine.



@lawndartdesign and his TRD PRO

the dirty duo

My brother had to end it a bit early and head home.....we continued on until we hit the end at the colorado river...

The end....COLORADO RIVER.....or begining if your doing it the correct way.....east to west...

We went on to Vegas and spent the next 4 days at the trade show...

Returning the rental Tacoma to the dealership. You can say I got my money's worth. The 2016 Tacoma doublecab 2wd surprised all of us. Despite the open diff I pushed her hard and only had to be winched once up a technical climb where the open diff just met its match. I drove her hard pushing the redline and the bumpstops all the time. Once again proving toyota makes some amazing trucks.




In case your wondering what is happening to my FJ....

Check out my build blog on instagram @trophyFJ

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Looks like you had a great time with your "toys" and the kids will always remember the trip.

This is what "Spooky Canyon" looks like from the top:

This is what it looks like at the entrance:

And this is part of what it looks like inside:

Next time you do the Mojave it's worth the side trip.

Thanks for sharing, nice looking "toys".

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Explorer 1

Explorer 1
Thanks....yes I figured it wasn't spooky you have the coordinates so we can hit it next year?
Sorry, I'm so "old school" I only know it by landmarks. I'll ask the guys on our local forum if any of them know the coordinates and get back to you.

Be sure and continue to enjoy your kids while they still want to go out with you, you wake up someday soon and they may not be interested any more.

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Curious how the stock Tacoma did crossing the river, Any water in the cab, mechanical, electrical issues?


Curious how the stock Tacoma did crossing the river, Any water in the cab, mechanical, electrical issues?

Nope....although for a second there I felt the rear end float and the tires loose traction... but made it thru with no drama


Curious how the stock Tacoma did crossing the river, Any water in the cab, mechanical, electrical issues?
Made the same crossing a week earlier. You can see the water level on the truck, no drama whatsoever. I had relocated the rear diff breather though, had I not it most certainly would have taken in some water. Also, the door sills were bone dry after crossing.


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