MOIRAI 1995 4x4 Fire Rescue BUILD Thread


Is my 1995 E350 4x4 7.3 PSD Type 2 or Type II, ex fire rescue vehicle. 108,000 miles currently and runs like a champ.

I think its going to be good for me to post the process of tinkering and building it out.

I have learned so much so far with MOIRAI and have learned from other threads.

Here is a pic as it was when I purchased it. Prior owner was Running Springs Water District. It was stationed at A51 Fire Dept in San Bernadino.

The bad: they took out the Whelen module, so no siren. But all the lights work, strobes, floods etc. They removed the front roof light bar also. Siren can be rehooked up with a replacement Whelen module.


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Ok. so these rigs run an AC and heat box in the back. The hot coolant lines are plumbed to the rear area. Very cool. My setup uses vacuum actuated coolant hose line valves. They open under vacuum, close normally. It corresponds to letting hot air or freon chilled air in the rear.

Mine is missing and no wiring, just a switch. is where I ordered new parts to control my rear ac/heat box.


Hope this helps with wiring the AC
Sorry for the fuzzy pic. Took it with my phone from the documents I have
Alright! Thanks man! Its gonna be helpful for sure. I did get the oldest documents Leader still has on file for the Type 2 buildout. Either way I have most the panels off and will be following wires in the next few weeks. Leader emailed me a 15 page doc I printed. But it doesnt go all the way back to 1995, I think its a 2000 or so they sent me. So far most the wires line up. But not every one. Thanks again for sharing
Hogasm. Thanks, but Im ok without the light bar. I think Im going to add some led bar of somekind or two,
In order to round out that space on the front roof? I think it will look cool and function well.
If you are looking for the light bar I have on I took off today
I have a used set of E350 tow mirrors. One has a crack but they are used from the junkyard. I have no need for them. They have 4 mounting pins. And I didnt feel like tearing into my door thats setup for 3 mounting pins to make it work. If you want them let me know.
Ok. Here we go. Front floor pan is solid. But needs POR 15 after I steam clean and grind it out. I have some butyl foil Noico going in on top. Then closed cell foam. Then a new vinyl floor carpet kit.

The rear grey commercial vinyl I took out. And it was a total pain in the ass. But needed to be done. I still have one antler mointing point. I took out. But will keep for who knows down the road.

Msand build of Snow white inspired me to choose Sterling oak vinyl plank flooring. Which I got at home depot. It will go in once the 3/4" subfloor is prepped and smooth.


As it appears now. All white. New paint!!

New BF KO2s. 265/75/r16. Smaller then I want. But I have 16x7 Alcoa aluminum rims. The biggest I can go would be 285s on these rims safely. I didnt put 285s on. Because I didnt have the tools on hand yet to trim the rear of the front fenders.

The rear diff was rebuilt and they told me to head straight the the tire shop to get same size tires asap. Which I did. Soooo, they are fine for now. But smallish.


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Ok. So there is a soft patch of wood. Its 3/4" 7 ply across the whole floor. Really well done. But where they mounted one of the stretcher mounts on the floor, somehow the wood got soft. I cut it out and will be putting a new 3/4 piece.

I also added the photo showing the front to rear divider removed. It really opens the space up. But will need to be reconfigured and re installed. It helps support the overhead panel and headliner. Trust me, rescue vehicles were not meant to be taken apart. The quality of work is way above any normal class b and rv. Granted the overall fit and finish is not a Mercedes Class B lol.

I ordered a side barn door 40 side body mount door hold. So it will stay open and not sway in the wind. did not have all the switches I needed. I needed a DPDT. So, If you go to Blue Sea on Amazon, you can select color, type of switch etc!!


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Old dual battery tray on the right. New one on the left. And guess what, the new one wont fit!! Its about 1/4-1/3 an inch to the exterior door wont close. Ugh!


Simple and new Hella covers. As the project appears at 6am. Im lucky to have this work space. El Cordova garage was shut down by new owners of the block. Water and electricity are available since I work next door. There is a drain in the slab too. Was an auto detailers spot.

Here I can. Cut wood. Clean stuff. Has a drain. Electricity and space. Im so fortunate. Since I live in an apartment. Here I dont bother anyone.


Behind the drivers door is a side cargo door with an internal cabinet. Its cool!! But inherently a semi bad design if not sealed right. Here is the old worn weatherstipping. Im thinking a 3/4" bulb replacement will work and about 12 feet is needed. Easy fix though!