Modern/“vintage” lighting options


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Hi guys.

I’ve not purchased aux lighting in years so I need to be educated.

I’m going to be upgrading a couple 110’s and a few disco I’s as well here pretty soon.

I want to keep the big incandescent light look but run upgraded LED bulbs. So I guess I’m looking for reliable (waterproof?) LED replacements for bulbs in old fixtures; and alternatively new lights that have the vintage form factor to them to preserve the “look” of incandescent lights.



The stock housings are not waterproof so you can’t make them that way with bulbs.

Google will show you the options for complete replacements. I doubt any will make you happy though.


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Upgrade to some quality LED headlights and marker lights. Bearmach makes a good kit to replace the front marker and turn signal, and rear brake and turn signals. They work good, look good and other distracted facebooking drivers can see when you hit the brakes better. Some DOT Approved LED headlights make a huge difference as well. I also like to upgrade to 9" LED Round off-road lights that let you see 1/2 mile out in front of your truck at night in the desert. You'll be amazed at how much more you'll like driving at night.

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Yeah I know they are better which is why I’m interested in upgrading.

My truck has IPF lights on the roof rack and Hella 550 fogs on the bulll bar. The other 110 has Hellas on the roof rack and 550s on the bull bar. The discos are bare so I guess I can search google as suggested for lights that don’t look too modern.

And I was concerned with ballasts or whatever for the bulbs being waterproof. I see H4 replacements with fins and a fan... how’s that going to work submerged in water and/or mud?


H4s can’t be sealed. They will fill with water.

I run housings that use 9007 bulbs on one truck. They are fully waterproof and look like normal headlights. They are nice and bright.

Most of the LED headlamp options do not provide better light than a quality halogen and the beam patterns tend to be poor. Headlight revolution did a nice YouTube series that should be watched before buying any.