Moby1 Going Out Of Business? Has Anyone Received A Deposit Return?


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Have you considered asking the owner to sign a personal guarantee? Banks require it ALL THE TIME for small and even med size businesses. I work for bank and if owner won’t stand behind his company with a PG, then why should I? If owner will not sign PG he is basically saying he does not have 100% confidence he can deliver as promised. He’ll risk your money but not his.

Remeber corporate structures are set up to protect and limit owners personal liability, if you get a PG I bet you’ll get your trailer.........


Problem is mostly solved. I'll be getting the title and bill of sale at time of deposit. I'll be registering it and getting insurance on it as soon as I get the title.
Even though this may not completely cover me, I feel a bit more protected.


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Hi Grabow,

I hope that it all goes well for you. I hope you have read the thread < > that I feel has some merit and advice.

If the person (company) is small and they have good track record and can get a loan for the materials. Depending on their risk and track record they can get the money. If they can not get the money then your risk is greater. Is this a risk that you want to take? Can you afford to loose the money if it goes south?

Please keep us informed if it is a smooth operation and you get your trailer. If your pleased with how it goes and they have a quality product what better way to get more sales. The worth of mouth is the cheapest and best way to sell a product.

If the build is not up to the standards they promised, is late or any other less then they promised, please share this as well.

I wish the best for you and your trailer!

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Glad you have it worked out .The few we sold we sell the frame then the pod .As there fiberglass over foam .Any changes are fast