Mitsubishi Links down?


Yep, its been down for a while (at least since 27Feb16 was when I first noticed it). Rumor is that its coming back.


Yeah noticed that too, luckily I downloaded the PDF of the service manual .

Does anyone know if there is a version where its converted to selectable/searchable text?

I'm going to try an figure put how to do it if not. I think adobe acrobat reader has an option to do that.

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Which manual did you download? The ones for Gen 3s have an interactive index that navigates through the group of adobe documents.


Just download a free trial of Adobe reader pro that is able to convert the file to searchable text. That's what I did for the 98 manual.


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Just went there to get the manual for Gen 3 3.8, yes it is down. Anywhere else to download?


Crazy, I downloaded a copy of the Gen 2 FSM earlier this month when my front diff plug melted; the bandwidth on the server side was abysmal, but I did manage to eventually DL it when I got on a proper wifi connection as it kept dropping off when I was on 4g. I guess I caught them as they were going down?

Anyhow, here is a temporary way to Download them:

The Community should Download all of them and host them on a service like Google Docs and add it to the sticky above, I'd do myself but I'm currently spending like 6 days outside of the house these days with little time for side projects right now.

But its best to do it as we never know when it will go back down.

You can download them in paper form in exchange for money on eBay.
Pfft, that's not the Montero way... :sneaky: