Missing in Baja - Update Feb 10th. Located/All is well.


A fellow member on this forum, Wayne Long, has gone missing in Baja. I was with him during most of December thru mid January in Baja. I last heard from him via text on the 17th of Jan. His last known location was Loreto. According to his family, I was the last person to hear from him. An experienced overlander with many years of Baja travel I fear something has gone sideways. It's not like him to be out of touch with friends and family for such an extended period. He is driving a white Toyota Tundra with a Four Wheel Camper, pulling a white Adventure trailer. As stated, he is an experienced overlander and will go into some of the more remote areas of Baja. He is travelling with his dog Ike. If anyone knows anything please contact me ASAP. I can be contacted via email at parkkitchings@hotmail.com or Facebook @parkkitchings LRM_EXPORT_32630662856978_20181230_162839801.jpeg
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Sorry to read this.
Have you posted a notice about this in the BajaNomad forum? (www.bajanomad.com)

This situation has happened before, and members of the Nomad community have been very helpful in sharing Information and finding people under similar circumstances.

Also try posting in the "Talk Baja" page on Facebook- both groups have strong connections with communities from Cabo to Tijuana.

I wish you success in contacting Wayne.


Maybe edit your thread title heading: Missing / last seen in Baja.

It might attract more folks who know Baja, are in the area, or just got back from there to read your thread. Check that Extensive Baja Trip for ROFs. Reach out to some of those people. Here's to hoping your friend just found a magical place to hang out at.


Posted to Talk Baja but I can't seem to get it on Baja Nomad. If you could go to my Facebood page, ParkKitchings, and share it to the bajanomad site I'd really appreciate it.


That is a nice setup with the FWC. I am sorry to hear he is missing. He has a very distinct vehicle/camper so that is one good thing. Not many people with regular cab with FWC towing a small trailer.
Park so sorry to hear this. I love it down south and have had some great times down there. Praying this is nothing more than a broken or lost phone.

Have the police (US) been called yet? Also does the truck by some off chance have Lojack? I would imagine that if the family filed a missing person report to PD that they would be able to try to have his phone pinged to at least get a GPS signal and/or pull cell records to see if any calls were made after that chat with you.


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Do you what his plans were for after Loreto? Headed further S or back N?

I'm heading down there next week with a small group. We'll keep an eye out for Wayne.