Misc D1/RRC (possible Defender) parts: LR HD springs, OME & Bilstein shocks, etc


Garage cleanout from New Years Day; cross posting from Defendersource/Dweb-should have posted here right off too. PM or email (ray.gerber(at)gmail.com, which is the same as my paypal.
LR HD springs (approx 1" lift on RRC/Disco): $80
Got these when I got my truck. Ran them with 235/85's (used Dii isolators to provide a little more lift, and a 1/2 spacer on the back). Front you can see are linear and have ~175 rate, rears are progressive and are somewhere in the 200-300 range based off what the PO identified. I had them installed for the same 20k as the AT's, no sagging and performed well. Would work as described on a D1 or RRC, not sure what it would do on a 90. Shipping is about $30 per pair or we can work the rover underground parts railroad if need be.
RRC OE Bilstein Shocks: $50
Ran these for awhile on all four corners of the D1 with the above listed springs, worked good for lightly loaded applications/street driving. Good for a stock vehicle looking to eek out awhile longer on decent shocks (without going to TF's or what have you). Hardware that's attached is what I have. No idea on shipping, likely to be ~$20 if going ground, RURR always feasible too.
Bilstein RRC shocks.jpg
OME Nitrocharger rear shocks (D1/RRC/90): $40
As the truck got heavier I put these on to replace the rear bilsteins listed above, ran them through VOT with no issues and they still have good life left in them despite the external wear/tear. I may be able to scrounge up bushings if need be, shipping likely to be $15 or so ground.
OME nitrochargers.jpg
D1 binnacle (near perfect, still with tabs!: $40
Been sitting in the back of my parts bin for awhile and I am not convinced I should sell it but here it is; a near pristine D1 binnacle. Most have the tabs underneath long broke off as well as the other areas of plastic attachment to the dash. This one is perfect. Shipping will be ~$15 ground.
Binnacle 1.JPGBinnacle 2.jpg
Misc D1/RRC suitable interior parts, priced individually; look at list as not all pictured still avail
-Rear upper shocks mounts, hardware as pictured: $20
-D1 stock fogs, one with detached but decent condition lens. No idea if they work: $20 ea, $30 for both + brackets. Valence avail too
-D1 (others?) sun visors: $15
-Rear Dif breather tube (FTC 2176): $15
-RRC wheel center caps (4, black): $15
-D1/95 RRC ash trays/coin holder (several): $7 shipped
-D1 upper coin holder thing: $7 shipped
-D1 rubber dash mat: $7 shipped
breather part number.jpgFog lights, rear shock mounts, breather tube.jpgD1 Dash Mat.jpg