Mini Bike Camping


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I reeally want one of these to play with now but I don't have anywhere to ride one other than my best friend's farm/hunting property. There's a well used one in front of the pawn shop next to the local supermercado I shop at occasionally but they want $500 for it. LOL You can buy them new for that.

I've wasted a couple of hours watching these dudes get nuts on various Chinese minis and go-karts. as well as a couple of others.

Since I'd need to be road legal around here I've been looking at the Sherpa Trail 125 and Classic Pro Trail 125 Examples as well as the these scooters 150cc Zuma style. These little Monster 125cc bikes were popular in the Philippines and they'd make them look like little Ducatis or Honda Groms. They seemed to hold up well to the roads over there and the guys modding them, some seriously modded and very quick.


I've got one of those little mini baja minibikes. One of the best things I did to it was put a torque converter on it. Much better than the cent. clutches.