Military Spec Freezer/Fridges for $750 ea

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I have a couple of military spec freezer/fridges for sale. These are 59 quart units built into military Hardigg cases. They are designed for the transport of blood, vacines etc anywhere in the world. To that end they work off of nearly any power source from 10-28 volts dc or 100-250 volt ac. They have two internal/replaceable batteries that allow them to run up to 48 hours (all weekend) without any outside power source. These are in the original shipping boxes with power cords, operators manual etc. The units are AcuTemp HMC-MIL-1/AX56L or Hemacool. The units can be used in either freezer mode or refrigerator mode. These units have far superior insulation to other commercially available off road freezers (no insulated cover needed) and are constantly self monitored to maintain their very expensive and vital cargo's within the crucial safe zones. To that end they have an alarm and a data port so that temp tracking data can be downloaded.
External dimmensions: 21.8 in H x 21 in W x 37.5 in L
Internal/Payload:13 in H x 14 in W x 18 in L

These units cost $8780 ea and are made in Dayton Ohio.

There is a firm selling a few used ones on ebay for $3500 ea

Again the ones I have are still in the manufacturers box.

Here is a link to a short video and the technical specs and dimensions for these units:

I want $750 ea. plus shipping- 91% off MSRP. I have pictures of one uncrated but please note this is not the units offered for sale as they are still crated. May be able to deliver to the New England area the weekend Aug 20/21 for Erics event on the NY/Vt border or will ship Greyhound or your preffered carrier.

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Due to the economy, I cant snag one of these incredible fridges, but if you'll send me one, I'll be your minion until I have worked it off.



None of those links work for me. I am very interested in getting one of these from you, but would like to know more (and see pics). I am 100% definitely going to purchase a fridge very soon, and I would just assume have one of these over an Engel!
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