Military snorkel kit and antenna bracket/stand - new products from TPS

Titus Pullo

TPS is proud to announce that new products for Mercedes G class W460/463 and Wolf are available for sale.

Snorkel kit as seen on the Canadian Mercedes G - snorkel, snorkel support stand; and antenna bracket/stand as seen on Wolf.
Snorkel kit - $400 plus shipping.
* NO air duct hose included.
LHS/RHS (your choice) antenna bracket - $120 plus shipping

The parts could be sold separate as well, depending on your needs and desires.

shnorkel kit 1.jpg

snorkel kit.jpg

shnorkel inst. 1.jpg

shnorkel inst..jpg

snopkel shablon.jpg

As usual - PM here for details.
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Titus Pullo

Always available.
Keep buying.
As stated earlier - you can order any part individually, no need to buy a kit.


We bought the snorkel kit for the Rally G. Quality is very nice indeed. We can't wait to make use of it for this years Sonora Rally.
Everything Titus sells is good stuff folks. We have his bushings on the Rally G and my own personal G500, again great products.