Military or other surplus for HD aluminum chassis


I've been designing a multi-purpose trailer, capable of hauling a 12k# sailboat maybe a few times a year, converting to deck-over flatbed or bulk utility, maybe one day hauling water.

Most of the time just carrying a camper pod, trying to keep total weight under maybe 4k#.

Aluminum for the main frame seems a no brainer, but wow $$$!

So at this point I'm hoping to identify ex- army trailer models that may lend themselves to recycling their components.

20-30' long would be ideal, but don't need to be fully rated for that 10k# usage, can always reinforce if needed.

The suspension brakes etc I will likely find too heavy, thinking Timbren axle-less at this point, so really the alloy framing may be all I want.

Someone suggested the mobile kitchen units?

Pointers to less outrageous tubing suppliers or even custom builders willing to work from detailed specs and CAD files would also be appreciated.


Doesn't need to be military, other sources, suggestions for what to search for, general type etc on surplus auction sites would be great.