Military color scheme


Has anyone had problems with border crossing because of the vehicle being in "military colors"?
I saw one vehicle refused entry into Marocco because it was camo colored, Luckily this was in ceuta(spanish enclave),so, they brought some grey paint and painted it on the beach and were allowed entry the next day.


I would never even try to take my Pinzgauer to Mexico as it was painted OD. Just wasn't worth the possible trouble. It was actually a military vehicle, although not from this (US) country.


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Trying to cross international boarders with a vehicle that looks military is just asking for trouble. Even having military surplus equipment can be problematic at times.


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We, (Drive the Globe) had a strict policy about vehicles not looking “military”, which can be difficult with kitted out trucks.

Further, we strongly discourage black (contractors), white (UN), and dark blue (RAF) and suggest bright colors when you are painting anyway. Stickers help “de-mil” but we usually had guidelines based on the sponsors of a particular trip.

The 101FC we took to Africa was painted AA yellow. It’s not easy making a radio body NOT look “military”.

Any why would you invite delay and extra questions? Third world borders get more expensive the longer you sit there...