Might sell my 2000 E350 7.3 PSD short bus w/65k miles plus axles/transfer case...



I can move this if need be but am really only interested in offering this to our small community here.
I'm really just seeing if there is any interest here, as I would only want to sell this package to someone that would build it out. I could probably split it up but don't want to. I'll obviously provide a lot more info/pics if there are some interested parties, I just have some free time at work and thought I'd check. If nobody here wants it, I'll probably keep slowing chipping away at it. I'm considering selling only because I want to buy some property and could use the money/space/time by selling off my projects. Wife doesn't want to sell it, although she's pretty happy about selling my V8/turbo swapped BMW haha. All in the name of progress I suppose.

2000 e350 7.3 PSD, 4 window 'activity bus'
Around 65k miles (not sure exactly as I'm not home), I have a clean Ohio title with the actual mileage stated and it's titled as an RV
It's still a bus, all seats and everything are in it still, haven't touched it. I drove out to Ohio about 18 months ago to buy this and drove it back and it's just sat here for the most part. I start it up and move it around a little but I haven't registered it so I don't take it out of my driveway.
There is a good bit of rust on the parts that will be scrapped during a 4x4 conversion, that's the only reason I bought it. The areas that will be staying after a conversion aren't bad at all and can be cleaned up pretty easily. Frame rails are just small amounts of surface rust, van body is completely clear and of course the aluminum bus body is clean with no damage save for a few small dings. I have a gallon of Chassis Saver I can throw in I suppose. No rust is structural, I just wouldn't want to run it as is.

I bought axles and a transfer case anticipating(and still may do) a U-joint 6" kit. If you see the white bus he has on his page, its exactly the same bus as mine and exactly what I was going to do with it.
Front axle is a Dana 60 from a 2004 F250 with 3.73 gears. I've completely torn it down, replaced everything with Dana/Spicer and Timken parts, stripped and painted it. I didn't replace the gear set, inner axles or brake calipers. I have new drilled/slotted rotors and pads too(don't remember brands). Finishing up the greasable Ujoints still and need to put finish putting it together from there out but it's all there, painted, new and awesome haha. I have receipts and pictures of the whole process as I was planning on doing a build thread once I got further along.
Rear is an open diff 10.5" from a 2000 Excursion(I think). I haven't touched this guy yet but it's complete.
Transfer case is an NV271 (31 spline I think, whichever one Chris says to get, I got). Haven't done anything with that either, got it from a guy that said it was a good unit but who knows.

I'd like to get about $8,700 for the package. I'll deliver within a few states too, I'm in Bethlehem PA. I'm open to offers(you can't offend me), only trades would be a Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot or something Japanese like that as my wife needs a new car and says my 100 series Cruiser is too big(?). I can add money on my end for the right trade.

I'll post pics and info of anything requested, this is all I have at my disposal at the moment.







Very good deal of a low mileage 7.3 Short Bus.
You should show the sides it looks like a 4 or 5 Window SRW which is a plus.


Adding a couple more pics. You can see the rust situation in these pics pretty good. It looks a lot worse than it is due to it being sprayed with undercoating at some point and that stuff is flaking off. This is one of those individual tolerance things though so I'll let you guys be the judge.






How much for just the front axle?
$8700 and I'll throw in a free bus, rear and transfer case

Really though, I'm looking to sell it as a package to someone that wants to build it out. I might sell the axles/T-case all together and bus seperate but I'd have to have a pretty solid offer on it, I have a lot of time and money wrapped up in that D60. I'll put up some more pics of it once I get it put back together. I spent a long time with a wire wheel on an angle grinder getting it ready for paint then used VHT chassis/roll bar epoxy paint on everything, turned out pretty good.

Scotty D

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Since you are letting it go cheap, no sense breaking it up.
How many hours do you think it would take to put it all together? Is this a bolt on project or is there a bunch of fab work to be done?


Since you are letting it go cheap, no sense breaking it up.
How many hours do you think it would take to put it all together? Is this a bolt on project or is there a bunch of fab work to be done?
How long it would take is really individual dependent. Ujoint has a bunch of videos on the process as well as instructions that come with their kits.
The bus as it sits is ready to drive, I haven't taken anything apart on it yet, I've been waiting until I have all the parts needed before doing that so I don't get stuck in project purgatory. Only things left to collect would be a 4wd trans (or have this one taken down and a 4wd output shaft put in) and getting the remainder of the kit from Ujoint. Between those two big ticket items you're looking at another $5-9k depending on what kind of trans you want. All together, you could have this thing driving around off road for less than $15k. Pretty good deal if you ask me.


Gonna bump this here while I'm waiting for someone to move it to the "for sale" section. I just sent a message using the 'contact us' section to have this moved, if someone knows a better way please let me know.

I'm definitely going to be selling this package to someone, I'm not on the fence anymore, so if anyone has the smallest interest, lets make a deal on this. Don't be afraid to shoot me an offer.