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I just found out that the trail ride I am on this weekend switched to GMRS from CB. Well, I have HAM and CB. So I just paid the $70 which I thought was being reduced and I've been told will be approved overnight but I'm not holding my breath. I'm not the type to go cheap so I will probably grab this radio https://midlandusa.com/product/mxt400-micromobile-2-way-radio/ and will need an antenna and mount and cable. Midland links this antenna with the radio https://midlandusa.com/product/micromobile-mxta26-6db-gain-whip-antenna/

I am not positive on the appropriate cable for in between. I used this one for my HAM based on the recommendation here. https://www.hamradio.com/detail.cfm?pid=H0-001464 I was thinking of running it (or similar with correct connectors) out the other side of the rear hatch on my Land Cruiser.

Maybe this one?

I know NOTHING about GMRS, never have used it. Looking for any and all good advice, thanks.
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my buddy has the mxt400 and I have the lowly mxt105 and we can talk to each other miles away. So much nice than a cb.
Right style I don't know what size hole you are mounting in and what size hole that requires. Diamond Larsen and Comet make that style mount for different hole sizes.


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FWIW don't necessarily limit yourself to a couple of antenna choices.

There's nothing magical about GMRS. It's UHF still and just slightly higher than the 70cm ham band so you might even have an old ham antenna that will work. Some of them even have enough bandwidth to cover both the upper voice end of the ham band and GMRS.

For example, the specs on this one are similar to the one you link - 5dB of gain with an open coil in the middle (probably collinear elements). It's a few inches longer and lacks a spring but is $20 less. You might not need the spring if the base is low enough not to be subject to catching stuff. On a roof having a spring is more important than lower on a lip or fender.

If I was to guess the Midland base looks similar to the Laird bases, which are pretty nice. For $50 I'd personally get a real Laird, like the B450CNS. It's got a spring at the base although the coil is closed and not open. Similar gain (5 dB) and length (31"). This particular one is also ground plane independent, since you mentioned on the lip of a hatch.

If you want one that's black and not chrome it's $60, though.
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My mount isn’t on the bumper but will be one of these that I’ll modify. I’m going to try a handheld for this ride and come back to this after since I’ll never get everything installed in time.