Microsoft Surface Pro 4 gps and mapping


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Hey guys I just got the new surface pro 4 with the i7 chip, it still doesn't have offline gps capability but I didn't want to go with iPad Pro because it still doesn't place flash and is still recognized as a tablet online and full website access sucks. So the surface pro 4 really replaces a computer for me.

I need some help with gps and maps part of it, I'm going on a overland trip in about a month in my 2015 4Runner with 3 other vehicles and I bought I good mount system.
what have y'all had good experience with? I wanted to use the hema app after hearing some great things about it but it isn't Microsoft friendly...
Btw I'm super new to mapping and tracking part of this, I'm use to getting in the truck and just going, so as much knowledge as you can pass on I would appreciate it.

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Windows 10 has a offline maps option
Open Settings
Tap or click System
Tap or click Offline maps
Tap or click Download maps
Select regions to download.

However im not sure how detailed they are

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Look for a Bluetooth GPS module. I have one and it worked great for my tablets...except for my ipad air 2. where a More expensive one was needed.


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You can get USB or BT GPS receivers for cheap, the main difficulty is that you are limited in regards to software

I tried to use my Windows 10 tablet but was never happy with it and replaced it with a $100 android tablet.

For Software Windows apps; I thought MapFactor was okay for on-road navigation but often it would pick the most direct path instead of the fastest. Offroad I used Avenza or MapSnap with MVUM or USFS maps.

For Desktop Software I used BaseCamp, and even still used it for route planning after I switched to Android Devices until I started using GaiaGPS. Basecamp will give you full feature planning but its an application not an app so on the go usage with a tablet won't be as friendly. BaseCamp takes a little bit of learning though, you may need to go through some tutorials to load in the maps you want to use.


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you an use bluestacks software to run android apps on like a virtual tablet within the pc. use this to access the android market. then purchase a separate bluetooth gps unit for accurate gps


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I tried Bluestack on my surface pro 3 and it was not at stable as I would like, but it did seem to work with Backcountry Navigator. There are a few posts from OhioBenz (think that is correct) that did some success with a surface and win10.
Here is one post.

I myself just used my Surface Pro 3 this past July to run the WA BDR with some friends and it better than I hoped but it takes a bit of pre-planning. I already owned the Surface and did not want to buy an Android tablet (never going to apple) and I also already own a few Garmin GPS. I used windows software called Expert GPS which sees my Garmin thru the USB port and I had real time tracking and could visually see the track log. Downside is the map server for topo is mostly what the USGS now calls their historical maps, scanned images of the topo maps. But you can zoom in and out, see areial maps and a city map (from OpenStreetMap) All 3 are avalable for offline use. Hence the pre-planning.