Michelin XL 1400/R20, Set of 4, unused $895


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Set of 4 Michelin XL 1400/R20 "Expedition vehicle, tactical vehicle" tires. Unused without scuffs or damage. Tread indicators/labels reflect unused status (see photos). Michelin specifications: Tread depth Michelin 31/32 inches. May be used with tubes or tubeless. Compatible with beadlocks and/or run flat devices. Sidewall allows low pressure operation to provide flotation. Overall diameter 49.4 inches, 14.7 inches overall width, loaded radius 22.6 inches.

Dates of production of 4 tires respectively: 2005, week 41; 2005 week 42; 2005 week 13; 2004 week 32. Purchased these tires through an agent in May 2011 from military warehouse. Tires have been stored in dark, temperature controlled conditions since then until recent move. Always sheltered inside. These tires will take you out and bring you home...every....single....time. They are the "real thing".

Offered as a set at exceptional price...these tires are becoming relatively hard to find in this condition...they represent an exceptional value. Delivery curbside available in person in the immediate region of Bend/Redmond Oregon at an additional fee of $40. Alternatively, pick them up on-site personally or by shipping agent. As a reference point...I purchased a new set of similar 1400 R20 Michelin XML in 2009 from Houston at $1600 per tire including shipping.

Michelin specifications on these tires indicate maximum load of 9920 pounds per tire at 100 psi.

See craiglist posting for photos: https://bend.craigslist.org/hvo/d/expedition-tires-michelin-xl/6402948982.html

Thank you for your interest.

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