Michelin XC-4 7.50-16s Performance


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I sourced 10 new and well stored Michelin XC-4 7.50-16 tires. I'd like to mount them and run them on my '72 Ford at least the next few years on East Coast excursions. I know these have been off market for sometime. But anyone remember how they performed? They measure 34.5" tall, and the tread is only about 5.5" wide unmounted. They are going to look mean on this truck. Wanting to have a resto- mod type overland rig when completed so the nostalgia and look of the tires will be appropriate. I'll mostly be on back roads, gravel/ dirt forest roads and some mud, very little rocks.
If they are like any other Michelin 7.50R16 I am (very) familiar with they are about 31.9” tall. If the Ford is a 250 or 350 I would look for 8.25R16 (33.9”) or 9.00R16 or 255/100R16 (up to 36.4”). Also check dates and speed rating , they might well be unsafe at Interstate speeds.


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I just bought 16x6.5 rims for my TJ and will be mounting either 235/85R16s or 7.50R16s too.
7.50s are all about 32.5"
235s are around 31.9"

On an old Ford, absolutely the best size. I had 7.50R16s on all my 1970s Ford 4x4s. 1 truck had split rims.

Some of the pluses,
most come with a 60K mile warranty. The 33x10.50 I've run for 15 years never last beyond 30K miles.
And price, 189.00 vs 256.00. So my tire costs will be cut in half.
Performance?? tall and skinny is definitely the best choice thru slush & standing water... and loose gravel.
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Those are great tires and they probably have a steel ply in the sidewall.

Air down if you need more traction.

I had some Pizza Cutter XC4 7.00x15s on my Willys for a while. I think 900x16s would be better on an F250. 750x16s look great on a Land Rover



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It is an F-250, I could run a much larger tire. It had 35x 12.50s on it at one time, but that's not my thing anymore. Looking for just enough performance, and plenty of clearance. I think the 7.50-16s will be a decent choice. Thanks for the feedback👍.