&!^(@%*(*#&!!! MICE!


Set up my gear this morning to prep for a couple of fall trips, and I discovered that the mice got to one of my cots.

Thankfully, the tent was not touched by the vermin.

Does anyone have a good method for patching heavy duty nylon on the cot?



Gentleman Adventurer
Tenacious Tape might work for you .



Man On a Mission
LOL, I feel for ya, I went to my lockup and the rain got in and ruined my Leather Bike Jackets and the Mice shredded one of my winter coat, Little &%£$ers.



Kapitis Indagatoris
Where do you live? Close to Boulder, Co? If so I'll sew a patch into it for you otherwise find a local boat cover/awning company and they can patch it. Due to the tension on a cot when used anything else won't stop the it from spreading. Go luck.


Thank you for the offer. Unfortunately, I'm in northern Illinois.

I do have a local custom canvas guy nearby, so that might be a good option.


We live in a rural area, mice are terrible!
Couple tips:
Leave the hood up on a vehicle
String Christmas lights in a circle around the vehicle. They hate light.
Poison? Meh, only seems to attract new comers. Also kills 'upstream' predators such as Hawks.
Cat flea and tick collars placed in the tight places seem to deter them
Hope that helps


Engineer In Residence
I find a piece of rip-stop nylon for both sides, combined with 3M 90 spray adhesive does a decent job.


Wow a fellow Turbo Tent owner! Haven't seen too many around and sadly it looks like they're no longer for sale.


I dont know Tenacious Tape but I have found the 3" wide Gorilla Tape comes in handy for similar kinds of issues. And I hate mice too. My parents put mothballs in a mesh bag under the hood of their cars which seemed to work. I use mousetraps in my shed but other than that have fortunately dodged bullets as far as damage. Little bas**rds....🤨