mERVn the Ski & Climb E450 ERV


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- Ran it out of gas one day - found out the gas gauge is off by a bit more than an 1/8th of a tank. (maybe this is a highlight? It puttered out as we rolled into the gas diesel pump)
Can confirm mine is off by about an 1/8 of a tank too. I actually ran out of diesel on the test drive.


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Among other things, this weekend:

Updated Interior:

Matching hinge style on cabinets. Added another latch on the kitchen doors makes them feel much more secure.

Home made cushions! They're 3inch foam pads from amazon and some soft denim cases we made. It feels good to have something soft to sit on!

Exterior Work:
Moving towards painting. Grinding off rust on rear hinges. They've got some surface rust which is not even close to compromising their integrity but they have pretty annoying angles to work on.

We bought a few samples of tractor enamel and were not happy with the colors they were in real life compared to what it looked like on on our screen. We are going to talk to a local shop about us doing the body prep and them spraying.

We ordered a door that will hopefully require little to no metal work besides cutting a bigger hole where the window is. (Fingers crossed. Whenever I buy something that I'm super excited about it usually doesn't go well. Gets lost in the mail, etc.)
I just bought an ERV -- 2002 E450 with 108k miles (Unit 2140). I'd LOVE to see some photos of your side-door install.
MountainsAreCalling please post some photos it would be great to see no worries with muddying this "build thread" that I failed miserably at! :)
Sorry for the late reply, here are a few pics of my door installation. Looking forward to seeing yours!