Mercedes sprinters

I see these every where many 4 x4s > mostly they seem to be th eultimate surf van at least here in encinitas and pricey? How good are they off road? Just curious I admire the heck out of them and won't ever be rich enough to buy one But still they seem preety cool so how good are they off road? Just curious!


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Its an AWD system (low range is an option at 1.6:1) ABS activation controls slippage. Assuming the van has a decent amount of weigh in it, they do well, even when lifting a wheel. Its not a locked off road machine, but soft sand/snow, crappy roads/tracks, are fine. Its still an 7-9ft tall van which is at least 21ft long.


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They look top heavy as hell. I'm up there a couple of days a week. Parts are crazy expensive. I don't know how far you'd get with the small tires in sand. Somebody's got money. My friend co-owns the Bob Baker Subaru dealership in Carlsbad. Customers came in daily during the height of Covid with cash.

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It does well for a big ass van. Lockers would be cool, but it gets around on it's own pretty well.

Not that Engineer is a 'difficult' route, but our Sprinter did it with no drama at all. (one of many places we've taken our van around CO and WY).

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You should go to Down to Mob videos ,they beat the hell out of one . But it did the job . Don't think I would do that to a 150 K van