Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!


So things have been busy this end. The truck went off to have it's invertor, lithium batteries and 240v stuff fitted... something I could probably work out, but to be honest it's easier paying someone who plays with AC stuff daily to do it. Here's what the inside of our RH locker now looks like.

Electrics board front.jpg

With the truck back, I could get into building the raised seating area. This will have storage underneath as well as under the seats.

Final leg 59.jpg

With the raised platform built, I could start work on the seating and wall cladding...

Final leg 60.jpg

We have a long weekend coming up, so hopefully I'll get 3 clear days at it!


I've been a bit distracted these last few weeks, as the realisation that we have both resigned from good jobs, and actually leave our home for over 6 months (in less than 4 weeks) sets in! But, whilst being distracted, I have been busy! Chappy our truck is now registered and on the road! A lot of wiring has been loosly run into place and I'm on a mission to have it usable in the next few weeks!


The step well is all but finished, and just needs a final seal once the big clean out happens!

Step well.jpg

And lastly I've folded up a temporary display panel above the door for the Victron control panels. These will end up here built into an overhead cupboard that will be built when the kitchen units are built early next year when we return. It can be seen just above the entrance door. I have also managed to get the bulk of the plumbing done, and am almot at the point where I can put some water in a tank and try it all out for leaks!! Watch this space!!



Continuing progress this end. Last week was spent trimming and fitting hinges to the clothes locker lids and battery compartment. Time consuming but needed...

Rear 1.jpg

On Sunday I cut and positioned the floor planks (3mm industrial floor sheets 1200 x 180mm). Last night (with the help of a neighbour who knows what he's doing with flooring) we glued them down. Took just under an hour. We had 1 hour before the glue set.

Rear 2.jpg

Having seen how much difference just the floor makes to the feel of the interior, I'm very tempted to try and get the rest of the floor done before we go away in 3 weeks!


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floor done before we go away in 3 weeks!
We are in the middle of a build right now, actually coming up on 6 months next week. The grind of endless little (but necessary) tasks can be tough. Any little victories that make it feel more complete are a welcome diversion. Even if they aren't really necessary for actual usage. Really helps keep you motived I think.

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