Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!


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Hi Alloy.

I have used small metal clamps (one every 200mm) for the gas lines. Strangely, the gas fitter who's inspecting and signing off on my work has said that the rules here require a gas shut off tap to be as close to the appliance as possible, so it can be turned off quickly in an emergency. I have installed another tap externally, where the line enters the Hab Box, and all the lines have a clear rubber hose slid over them (this was the hardest part!). I also have some fancy gauge/shutoff valves thet go between the cylinder and regulator that automatically shut off if theres a drastic pressure drop. I think that's another RV requirement here in Oz. Cheers.
Is that the requirement for a RV/vehicle or a home?

Last I checked RVs built in NA the copper needs to run continuous from the outside to the appliance. No requirement for valves.

In a home some places allow the valves to be on a manifold at an accessible location. This is my preferred method. It allows each line to be tested separately. In a panic a shut off valves behind a stove or clothes dryer is useless.

We use to use copper for the diesel lines on trucks. Seen lots of strap clamps wear into copper and flare fittings leak. I've re-wrenched a few flare nuts to stop leaks. Even had cracks at the point where the copper flared out inside the flare nut. Hasn't stopped me from using copper but I'm more careful with it.

My experience is clear hose is PVC or vinyl which cuts easily. For the guard hose I always use heavy wall (6-10mm) fuel hose that I'll split if it is too far from the end. When I've been careless and let the metal line move off center the sheet metal (less than 1mm thick) has cut into the hose. These days I oversize the hole and use urethane caulking, urethane calking around the guard hose or use a plastic strain relief if it is close to the end.

The gas alarm I use turns the propane off if it detects flammable gas. There are sensors below the appliances that can leak gas into the living space.


Another small job done... I was looking for some non stick surface for the steps, but could only find 6" strips. A neighbour had the idea to look at skate board shops... $40 later and I have 4 non slip pads on the steps and plenty to spare for the next time!!

Final leg 3.jpg

Final leg 4.jpg


Hi all. So it's been a slow few weeks. Finishing all the little jobs (the one's I'll do when I have to!!). There have been quite a few! The fuel filler hatch needed finishing properly, and the Aqua Go needed the holes drilled for the cover, and a J Gutter rain strip gluing above it...

Final leg 5.jpg

Another job that needed doing was to actually finish the crawl through doors. Making the latches fit thge steel frame and then cladding it all took some time...

Final leg 7.jpg

I've also refitted the rear 'viewing door', so I could fit trim, and a J Gutter above it. Both side lockers now also have J gutter. These allow the door to be open while it's raining and the run off from the side of the hab box does not run into the locker...

Final leg 9.jpg

Once complete, I then have to strip the cab of all it's add on's, along with preparing the workshop for truck painting. All before next month!!