Merc 1124 AF Michelin XZY 385/65/s22.5 versus 425/65/22.5


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Looking at putting Michelin XZY-3 385/65/22.5 on 11.75 R22.5 Rims as the sensible choice on my Merc 1124 AF 4x4. Seen others who have fitted these on MB 1124 4x4s

However also read below link about XZY Wide base so 425/65/22.5 on 13 R22.5 Rims.

Given wheels and tyres are expensive, want to get the right option. Prices for the 425/65s are significantly more. Realistically keep coming back to sensible option above but interested particularly with whether its worth going to the wider XZYs

Any views?

Cheers Tobias

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Rim size has much to do with the application.
If you haven't seen that before, this might help you out.
You wont be near the specs these tires are capable of.

Michelin X.JPG


Hey Tobias, I am in the process importing an 1120 into the USA. I think you also have the 8 lug rims. Mind sharing any info on the rims you are considering?


I am running 315 80 22.5 on a 9.25" rim on my 917 @ 9400kg GVW. Great tire for asphalt and dirt roads, too narrow for sand imho. I would like to go up to 365, 425 is perhaps too wide. What is your GVW and how much sand/beach mud do you plan? Wider is better for flotation but harder on steering components and fuel economy.


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Hi, talking to Aspect Wheels in the UK. For the 385/65/22.5 looking at 8 lug rims based on 11.75x22.5. I need to take the truck down them to measure the offset but they made the same thing for another 1124 AF about 4 -5 years ago so already know it works. They are quoting about 4 weeks lead time to make. Hope that helps