MEC explorer 14 kayaks


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Well...after many months of internet shopping, my wife and I are going to MEC this weekend to check out their 14' explorer yak. A little bit more expensive, but worth it I think. Extra space, storage and durability are the name of the game here. I may have another trip right back up with the patriot to pick them up. I am very excited to get our kayaks and bikes finally.


Those are pretty nice. If i didn't want to mostly fish out of my kayak thats what I would be looking at. I have an ascend fishing kayak now but i want to upgrade and give this one to my wife since she wants one.


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The explorers are made by feel free. If you look at the seat design it's very similar. Point is, it's a decent quality kayak.

Would be nice if they had a sit on top. I hear they're going to have one for 2018 that's what the mec kid was saying anyway

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I just sold mine after using it heavily for 2 years in the Atlantic off Nova Scotia. It's a beginner kayak. Very stable but very slow. I've done 30k river trips, and played in 3m waves of Peggys Cove. It can do it all.... except it can't surf and you'd need a pile of skill to be able to roll it.

BUT it will take you where you want to go, you can load them with camping gear and the price is really nice. On the grand scale of things they are _not_ expensive for kayaks.