Measurements needed please JK 2.5 lift w lower profile roof racks for RTTs

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As the title suggests (and yes I searched multiple forums including this one) I am looking for someone to do some quick measuring for me on their JKUR. I need to know the highest point on their jeep.

I want to add a small lift no more than 3" to my JK with a tire size of either 33 or 35 (32.5/34.5) preferably 33's as I am not looking to build a rock crawler, just a daily driver/weekend toy for camping. Then I will add a low as possible roof rack (rhino, gobi?) that will support a future RTT/awning. I have a garage opening of 82" and I am shooting to purchase all the components needed for this based on the jeep fitting in the garage with the above specs. I had originally hoped to leave the RTT attached and drive in but after conversations with several mfg's getting specs on their tents I don't think that will be possible unless I leave the jeep at almost stock height. I will just have to come up with a solution to installing/uninstalling a 150+ pound RTT by myself.

The brand of the lift, tires, rack don't matter as long as they are within the 2-3" lift range, 33-35" tire range and the rack is a fixed rack as low as profile as possible and is big enough for say a CVT Rainier or Tepui Kukenam XL or something like that.

Originally I wanted to go with an off road trailer but you west coast guys are the only people that have them for sale preowned and the cost of shipping one to me from what I have seen puts me over budget. And with starting a new job I don't have any paid time off until the late fall so an adventure to SoCal is out. I looked into some made on the east coast and found questionable build quality with premium prices. One manufacturer couldn't be bothered to return emails or phone calls on a $10k+ trailer I was looking to custom order. :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


I cannot give you any measurements but I will say this. After seeing a ton of different roof racks at a few events over the last year and trying to ponder which one would fit my Jeep and still allow me to get into the garage I think your best option may be the new Teraflex one. It definitely had the lowest profile of any that I saw. With that being said I have a 3 inch Teraflex Lift and 35s. I will probably be getting the Gobi Stealth just because I do not want to drill into my hardtop. When I do get it there is not a shot in hell of fitting my Jeep back in my garage. Even the Teraflex one I think would be extremely tight if it fit.

Dont give up on finding a used trailer. I actually found one in GA for sale that was a year old and had 1 night use in the CVT. Check craigslist and ebay they pop up all the time as well as these forums. I love mine. The company that made mine is in TN and attended Expo East this last year. I was able to meet and talk with them. Every time I email they are always quick to respond as well. Anyways good luck. The other thing you could always do is find an old M416 or Bantam trailer and set it up. Just a thought!


I have a JKUR with 2.5 AEV lift, 295/70/17 tires and a Gobi stealth rack. I fit inside my garage with less than an inch to spare. I have a standard 7 ft garage opening.