MB Truck vs Unimog


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Sorry diplostrat, not sure where my glitch came from,

Thank you Charlie, a limited search under atlas and temp sensor did not show information.. I will do some more searching?



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Hi Bean

I also love Unimogs to drive, great fun, but something no-one has mentioned here is that they are very tall, which makes climbing in and out of the cab and the habitation a chore, travelling in the bush a pain and driving across inclines scary.

I have an 814 DA which is a bit too slow, but does what I need.

I think a truck is better suited to what you want. But whatever you get, being on the road is the thing!

I'm 100% with you on the height. Once at camp it started to get old very fast to climb the stairs to get into the camper. Several times I was wondering how painful it would be to loose balance with my hands full going down...
The first time my wife got out of the U500 in Germany she went the wrong way (facing out) and fell. Fortunately no fractures. My fault for not instructing her.
Now at age 72 with bad rotator cuffs I grunt a bit climbing up. But always hanging on correctly. If I want to move stuff in or out I always put it on the floor or seat, climb in or out and then recover it.


Our problem is the cab... I have made self supporting steps for entering the hab box which has a floor level approx 1.2m above ground level. Having 1 step well inside the hab box has helped no end. It was something we had to work out early in our build as my wife is short in the legs... I can't do this in the cab!! The Unimog is actually a better bet in this respect as the door base is behind the front wheel. I'm looking at how I can extend the hanging steps without them getting in the way when on rough terrain. The truck looks better with the front height now matching the rear ride height, but the 40+mm lift on the front springs, the slightly larger tyres, the 75mm lift under the cab using parts from the donor truck and the 50+mm lift gained due to there being less weight on the front axle than there was with the crane has cost me with cab accesibility! :unsure: