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Yeah it's one I cringe at. Graphite is used to make it conductive. Grease contains water + Graphite + Aluminum = :(

An interesting study is to look at the number of NEC certified alum. to alum. wire connectors that have been removed from the market in the last 40 years.

This is better

Quoted from the PDF.
Fallacy of adding metals to increase Conductivity:
Many contact greases have copper, zinc or other metals blended into a grease to increase
conductivity. In a study for an aerospace company in 1985 it was concluded that putting a
metal into grease does not help conductivity. In many cases it reduces conductivity. The
United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation in their Facilities
instruction Journal Volume 3-3 Electrical Connections for power circuits states in Sec.
6.3.2 that "Use of grease with embedded zinc particles will cause a poorer connection due
to the lower conductivity of zinc".
Aluminum Oxide is one of the hardest substances known to man, just softer than
diamonds. How can a metal as soft as Zinc cut through it? It can't! Zinc metal can not
dissolve aluminum oxide either. The aluminum oxide that typically forms on an
aluminum connection is only 50-120 angstroms thick. Sanchem's NO-OX-ID penetrates
the oxide film by the chemical action of our corrosion inhibitor system.
No-Ox-Id is the paste I use and would recommend to anyone. It's cheap, effective, and a little bottle goes a long way. I've used it on all sorts of connectors including on 280Ah cell terminals/bus bars and it performs wonderfully.


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We have been a bit busy with projects, with some metal ones. We spent a week at a welder's shop here in Tucson getting a few things done to the truck. We now have new entry steps that extend/retract electrically. This way we can stow the steps from inside if we end up in an area that it seems to make sense. The bottom step still is manual, but the platform retracts and the ladder tilts in/out.


Since we use a composting toilet we need compost media. We have tried a few different things but it seems the coconut coir works the best. Since we plan on flying home at least once a year to visit our parents we will resupply then. But for 1 year we need roughly 36 bricks. So we built a new aluminum box to store those. Also, due to my design flaw the motorbike lift wore in the pivot points. So it was getting more and more difficult to remove the locking pins. We ended up boring out and machining some bushings that give much more surface area. Now it works smoothly.

And then we decided we wanted some recovery points for the front of the truck besides the center pin (which I have read will deform if used for recovery). So some 1 1/4" plate flame cut, the radiator guard cut down and some welding. I ordered some 1" shackles thinking the pin is 1", but no the pin is 1 1/8". So now I have some 7/8" high strength ones with the 1" pin. These are not installed yet as I need to pick them up at a friends house where I had them shipped.

We also had a custom aluminum bin made for our new entry door. I still have a few smaller welding tasks but will hold off for now.

On to electrical stuff, since we are planning on heading to countries with 220v we want to install a step down isolation transformer. I got a 2000w Victron one and I need to set aside some time to install it. I also installed an EasyStart this morning on our rooftop AC. Should make running it possible while plugged in using the step down transformer. Also on the docket is installing driving lights in the front bumper. Even with the LED bulb upgrade the low beams are pretty pitiful. Hopefully I can get a bit more light with these new lights.

Well, that's it for now. With any luck in a couple of weeks this thread will return to a travel thread!


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So after waking to this in Tucson, we really decided we needed a change in latitude!

So we crossed the border into Mexico and started heading south. Our first stop were some friends we made years ago at a marina in Boston when we were returning from a cruise south. They were also living aboard and were very curious on how we were able to quit our jobs and go sailing. Well I guess we helped pollute their minds as they started on a very similar track as us. They recently retired early, bought a boat in the Sea of Cortez and are getting it ready to go cruising. They also have a camper van so we decided to meet up and do a bit of beach camping.


While we were there it was Carnival. Actually not too bad of a parade with floats and lots of dancers.

And in preparation for the parade we needed to get a few snacks, so why not a bag of cheese puffs...
PXL_20230218_192847563 (1).jpg

And lastly, this is what happens when you decide you should only get 1 margarita since it is only lunchtime :rolleyes:.

Well, better get going. Off for a beach walk then heading east from the coast towards the mountains.


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Just a quick one as we are getting on the road. Got to camp right alongside a warm river, access warm pools and venture into hot water filled caves. What a great day.


The road down was steep and full of switchbacks and was slow going but the truck handled it fine. Used low range to climb back out, great for the tight slow corners. We're off to head towards Mexico City to do some site seeing. Then off to a 4000m campsite with hopes of climbing a volcano.


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That’s gorgeous! Location?
Yup, we loved it there. If you are heading in this direction put it on your list.

It is sort of a resort, with lots of camping options. There are also rooms to rent. The thermal tunnels, thermal river (which we camped right next to) and thermal pools were fantastic. I would recommend though coming during the week to avoid the crowds. We ended up camping Thursday night and spending Friday there. By the time we left in the late afternoon we could see things winding up. We boondocked just outside of the entrance and by the next morning could see the tour busses pulling in. Entry was 180 pesos (about $10 US) a person, and camping another 30 pesos for the truck. If we would have arrived earlier in the week we would have stayed longer. We are off tomorrow to visit some Mayan ruins just outside of Mexico City. We're in a quiet little campground right outside the gates. Then will probably spend the following day taking public transit into the city to site see.

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