Mazda MPV 4WD Sport, Anyone know these wagons?


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A buddy had a couple of these - they were surprisingly capable for a minivan type vehicle. The issue he had with them was that the transmissions seem to be the weak point and were expensive to rebuild. I don't think a lift would be very easy on these due to the type of front suspension - but I am sure there is a way to do it.

I know one of his had a center diff lock on it and the ABS traction control worked well when I drove it. The later ones have doors for the rear area on both sides BTW.

I think that Mazda missed the boat on these - if they would have made an "Outback" style version with a 1.5 inch lift, more aggressive tires and some wheel flares they would have done much better and might have given Subaru some competition.

For $1800 I would check the tranny operation and look at the dipstick or have the pan dropped on it to see how it looks.


Thanks Half E, I found a couple off roading on u-tube, one was trying to float it and they don't float well! I agree with your assessment and I found others saying the tranny was the weak link. These probably would work well for some as a hunting or fishing rig and weekend camping. I've decided to pass even on that cheap price while it does appear to be in good shape. :)