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I really like my TuffStuff RTT, but the 3? Inch foam mattrest is too slim for me as a side sleeper. I picked up some long REI backpacking pads which I slip under the mattress and I am comfortable. But I wanted to find a permanent solution and enjoy the true convenience of the RTT.

I picked up a king sized 2 inch mattress topper second hand but unused. States it is memory foam, but it just feels like standard foam to me. At 6 ft x 6ft it isn't long enough for my TuffStuff RTT (58 x 92). So I cut the main section out and had enough material to cut out the end piece. With the OEM 3 inch mattress, it is a very tight fit and I needed to take an extra 2 or 3 inches off the sides to taper it a bit. After installing it, the mattress is much more comfortable. It still folds up fun but I may not be able to fit as much stuff inside and still fold it. Previously, I could have 5 sleeping bags and pillows and still fold it fine. When I was solo, I just left most of my clean clothes up there as well.

This is the mattress with green cover on the topper.
2016-03-23 12.30.27.jpg

Her it is stuffed into the mattress cover. It is very tight and cumbersome tp make fit.
2016-03-23 12.29.50.jpg


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I as well added a pad, which I found a 1-1/2" gel pad and put it in a thin double-sized sleeping bag that fit it perfectly. It took some time to locate, but yes it made it great to sleep on! However I can't leave it inside my Tepui Ayer when I close it up (just two sleeping bags and two small blankets can stay inside). I've been taking it out (just fold it in half and roll it up, and stuff it in a bag) then it goes inside my trailer.

However, the pad just takes up too much room in my trailer. So I've ordered two Exped back packing style air pads that are super quick to inflate and deflate that I'm going to try instead. The originally pad in my Tepui is okay, but the older I get I like a softer bed. The days of sleeping on the ground with just a sleeping bag are long over. :)


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Well my Exped Syncellmat 5 pads arrived which I reviewed them in another tread but I thought I'd add pics to this thread with my comments above. I think that these are going to do well at replacing the gel topper. They have a quilt like top with individual air pockets, they really do a nice job supporting! Plus Exped sells a pump bag which is super quick to use to inflate the pads. Pics:

More information, including a video that shows the pumpbag in action:


Just got back from a week in Baja. Slept great in the Ruffstuff tent with the new topper, but it is too big. I can't close the tent easily with the sleeping bags and pillows in it, a convenience I don't want to give up. Looking for a 1 inch or possible 1.5 inch topper now. Thankfully, my first topper was cheap and know a king size can be cut down to fit.


I put a layer of those cheap dense foam rubber sleeping pads under the mattress on my CVT Rainier, but I've discovered that it's still no where near comfortable. I've been thinking about trying a futon mattress in place of the foam mattress. Has anyone done this?


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I just called Coastline about those mattresses. They are made to order and it takes about two weeks. One for my Mombasa (same as the Autuna and Shasta) runs $170. I think that is pretty decent.


Go to and order what you need. I am replacing my CVT 2.5 pad with a more dense foam. I had to order one 2" piece and a .5". Depending on the foam you select there are a variety of thicknesses available. I picked the most dense stuff. This is what I specifically purchased,
Just a quick edit. I should have ordered a 3" pad. That will fit the CVT Matress cover and would be easier to install into the cover.


Just a quick edit. I should have ordered a 3" pad. That will fit the CVT Matress cover and would be easier to install into the cover.
How does the foam you purchased compare to the CVT pad as far as density and comfort are concerned?

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