Manual Swap For Sale

First, I know this isn't the classifieds section, but I also know a lot of people never check that sub-forum. Mods, if there's an issue, just let me know.

I have a 5-Speed manual conversion I got for one of my Gen2 SR's, but the engine route I'm going it won't work out for me. It took me years of looking to finally find a good donor vehicle to get the parts off of.

Swap should be 95-100% complete, feel free to let me know if I missed anything. All parts are from a 95 LS (build date June 1995 on door), so trans should be the best version V5MT1-6. I didn't personally own the vehicle, but I know it was driven up until the week before I got the parts and was having engine overheating issues, as far as I know the trans had no issues. Vehicle had 277k when removed, pretty dirty/oily from leaky engine valve cover/rear cam seals (it's a montero). I split the t-case from the trans to make is easier to transport. Below is a list of parts included, as far as I can remember.

-Manual Transmission w/ Lever & Knob
-Transmission Crossmember
-Transfer Case w/ Lever & Knob
-Transfer Case Frame Mount (ripped bushing will need replacement)
-Rear Driveshaft w/bolts
-Front Driveshaft w/bolts
-Flywheel w/bolts
-Bellhousing Plate
-Clutch Pedal assembly
-Clutch Master Cylinder
-Brake Pedal w/ Spring
-Accelerator Pedal w/Cable
-Clutch Slave Cylinder
-Clutch Slave Hardline
-Interior Console Manual Shifter Trim w/ Shift Boots, rubber surround, and baseplate
-Gauge Cluster

If you don't need things like the cluster, ecu, driveshafts, etc I can work with that.

It's hard to price this cause I've never actually seen a manual conversion for sale, but $1200-1400 is what I'm looking to get, just the t-case/trans is something stupid like $4000 on mitsuparts

Located in Idaho, may be possible to deliver/meet in Salt Lake or Missoula.

Note: na3s was kind enough to message me about sourcing parts for these transmissions. Apparently it's becoming difficult to find rebuild kits, seals, or parts to recondition them, so please be aware of that. If you plan to rebuild it, you may have to wait for parts or think outside the box, order internationally, etc.


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Pretty good deal. A few months after I sold my '92RS 5 speed, the new owner totaled it (got hit in the side). Wish I would have know about it sooner so I could have parted it, but didn't find out until nearly a year after the accident and the truck was long gone to scrap.