MAN Truck expedition camper


No links yet from what I have seen, and he did mention that it was yet to appear on BAT as they
tend to put new auctions on at there discretion.
I am preparing the documents for the auction and will post the update once it is ready. I have delayed the auction a few more days as I want to have US registration and title completed prior to sale. I am looking forward to about 10-14 days until I bring it to auction. Thanks for our patience. Chris.


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Some answers on the off-road features: full time 4x4, locking axles rear and front to rear. These are controlled electronically on the dash and are engaged pneumatically in the transmission. It has incredible ground clearance and the water-entry point is about 4 feet high (the bottom of the truck doors/floor of the cabin), but all doors are sealed if you want to forge higher water. The snorkel has been professionally adapted to the front grill and take the air intake to the top of the camper. The rear bumper is on a swivel to allow for increased departure angles when needed. There are three winches on the truck: Front = 10 metric tons (22,000 pounds), electric; rear = 7 metric tons (15,400 pounds), electric and also operates the hoist for the rear rack; rear Power Take-Off (PTO) = 20 metric tons (44,000 pounds). There is an external air supply and hoses (endless as the engine produces its own air for the air brakes) to change the tire pressure at any needed time.

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