Man takes his dog, dying of cancer, on one last, epic road trip


A good story. I understand. A loss of your pet can hurt as much as loosing a family member. I believe it was P. G. Wodehouse that said that "Man is the only animal that will get a pet and knows fully well that he is going to out live them". I paraphrased that a bit. I like most dogs and miss many of them. Good for him.

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Expedition Leader
Warning: You will shed some tears if you read this and your dog has recently died or been put down and you are still upset about it.


I'm not even a cat person. There has only been a few I liked.
I came home for lunch and found my favorite cat laying dead next to my house. Not much you can do at that point. Dig a hole and bury her. Say some kind words and do and couple shots of Rum. Yes, tears were involved.
Is my Man Card still intact?
I've known my neighbor for over 40 years and we get together and drink a few toasts to our canine companions that are now gone.
I hope what the guy in the article is doing will help him feel better.