MAN FAE 8.135 query - disadvantages, things to watch out for?


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Hi, I'm thinking of buying a MAN FAE 8.135. This asks for things I should watch out for when looking at the vehicle, or problems with this kind of vehicle. Any hints would be most appreciated please especially from owners.

Background: My purpose is to have a big enough living space for two for trips longer than a month, that take us off tarmac / a bit further than other people, and be no more than 7.5t GVW (the limits of our driving licences). While this ticks those boxes, certainly fuel consumption is a concern 3 lpk, 10 mpg. I live in the UK and there are some distances to travel to where I want to get to.


in transit Pete

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have you had any further thoughts in this vehicle, we are looking at the same sized vehicle but i can drive over the 7.5t limit but choose not too
we have looked at going old and a DAF army lorry or a modern one like the MAN or the military versions but have yet to decide.

my biggest issue is age and health and then dealing with the lorry, its hard to change a tyre with a bad back, lol

I am just about to buy one and start a build. Not much info on them online but it looks like parts are still available from the Man dealer.