MAN 13.290 4x4 Camper Build Company.


Searching the net ,found a new Company
Seems they are going into business building Off road Campers on larger 4x4's. In Mornington Peninsula Victoria Australia .

Their web site is quite impressive with substantial testing of products and systems. Seems as though their going to build quality products.

My question is who knows more about them, l have entered my details on there contact site, so I'll find out more soon.


Been following their progress for about a year, started before the company had been set up. Had multiple chats with them, met and talked about our trucks a few times. Quite a few neat ideas going into their build, but I'll let Michael share the details


Just read email from Michael, he's getting panels made up next month for the camper. Huge amount of design work gone into it, quite a bit of testing of different components.

I'll send him a note, see if he'll chime in. Believe there's a documentary on the build process, similar to Grand Designs, being done so get to see process when it's done.


Building and Learning
Looks pretty cool! always better to have more builders in the market making products better for everyone.


Love the example with the removable camper section with built in hydraulic rams. This base camp setup is, IMO, ideal so you can place the camper and then use the truck separately. For example, head to Yosemite, get your camp site, drop the camper and then use the truck to explore the park. Blissmobil has a similar setup, and I wish more companies would adopt this approach.
MAN 13.290 4X4 Expedition Vehicle by Wildplanet

Wild planet Off Road has spent almost 2 years of engineering and designing their expedition vehicle based on a MAN TGM 13.290 cab chassis.

The company has spent 1000 hours plus on CAD design of the module and engineering of the torsion free 4 point pivot system.

We are posting build progress on our website www.wildplanetoffroad that will be on interest to members of Expedition Portal Forum.