Magirus Deutz 170D11 Expedition Camper for sale


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Well, I probably can't finish this truck on time to take it on a year-long trip with the family so my wife and I have agreed to put it up for sale. I'll probably keep working on it to move the project forward though. Interested in trading it for a completed camper if possibe (+$). Otherwise, we're listing it at a good price to sell relatively quickly.

It's registered as a Motorhome.
Located near Ottawa, Canada.

26,000.00 USD


I have LOADS of extras that come with the truck, including two new rear doors and a set of 395/85r20 tyres. Clifford (that's the truck's name) is great. The rear has been partially gutted, all systems are already in place (water, electricity, toilet, shower, kitchen, etc). I was just in the process of refinishing and improving but I don't have any time to work on the truck for family reasons.

  • Composting toilet
  • Kitchenette (washbasin-alcohol-stove-combination by Westfalia)
  • Compressor fridge 64l with ice compartment
  • Solar system 200WP
  • Charge Controller Solar (IVT 20A)
  • Charge controller shore power
  • Water tank 120l
  • Diesel heater (water) for heating and hot water
  • Diesel tank 80l (currently only for auxiliary heating)
  • 3 radiators
  • Hot water boiler Isotherm Square
  • LED lighting
  • 220V sockets
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