Magazines.... the new printer ink.


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I don't mind dropping 2500.00 on a new quality subgun, but I'll be damned if I'm going to pay 100 bucks for each magazine. B&T must be nuts, it ain't like the gun at that price is a loss leader.

Wait until firearm manufacturers realize, they will be able to "chip" civilian magazines to operate only with their rifles, and give them lifespans, if in gun electronic fingerprint identification becomes mandatory. The VP of the Hewlet Packard Pound you in the Ass Ink division, will be the new CEO of H&K. They'll get laws passed making chip reseters an NFA violation, and jam it right in your hole with a drywall rasp.

.... Just my passing thoughts, looking at GHM45 magazine prices. I'll get over it.
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I personnally dont have a problem with GHM45 mag prices being that high.

Because I dont own one!!!.

The mags look very similiar to Sig P320 .45 mags.

Seriously though, just not my thing, hope you are enjoying yours though.

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I understand you because the prices are really very high and it seems to me stupid to spend so much money on some magazines. I recently decided to create my own magazine and prepared everything for printing, but my printer could not withstand the load of 150 glossy pages and broke. I didn’t even think that he was so poor-quality. I had to look for new cartridges and a new printer model. On the Internet you can find a huge number of models, but it is very difficult to choose a specific model. Two weeks later, I came across a canadian site with cartridges and printers and there were very cool models and their price was pretty affordable. I advise you to look if you are interested, because for several months of use I did not find out any problems.
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