Made the Jump


Well, after a lot of research, which included plenty of lurking on here, I bought a van. I won't get it until next week, but I'm excited. I don't know if I over paid, but at this point it doesn't matter, haha. It's a '98 Ford E350 with Quigley 4x4 and a 7.3 in it. I bought an ARB fridge and have it on the way. Totally confused about everything else. My mind is jumbled with all of the info I have read. Anyway, the journey begins.



Thanks guys, I can't wait to get it. Just went and got the cashiers check from the bank, gulp. If actually converting it and using it is half as fun as researching things to add to it, it is going to be a blast. I see my bank account draining the more research I do, haha.


Mark Keeler
How much$? Just the way it looks now is perfect. I bought a 63 quart ARB. It's awesome.

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Overpaying vs not is relative really. If there aren't many available and it's what you wanted and could afford, then you probably did ok. I paid a little less than that for my 01' a few years ago and haven't looked back. I've seen better deals and worse. Condition affects vehicle price, maintenance, options, etc.

The 50qt ARB has been our go-to since they first came out in the new style. It works for my family of four for road trips and long weekends. Nice choice!


I still beat myself up a little about how much I paid, but whatever at this point. I wanted a 7.3 and got a little carried away I guess. Oh well, what's done is done. Moving forward. I haven't had a chance to try the fridge yet. I read good things about it. Glad to hear you like yours.


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Borderline zombie thread at this point but you're still active elsewhere so why not.

The key to being satisfied with your purchase is once it's done, forget about it. Seriously. And plus one for you for not really asking. Most of the time when somebody says they bought X for Y amount of money and ask if they got a good deal or paid too much, what they are really saying is "I think I got a screaming deal and I want to brag about it without bragging about it". And as snarky as it sounds, if it's a serious question it's a dumb question because the time to ask is before you pull the trigger, not after. See first sentence in paragraph. :)

Looks like a sweet ride from the photos. I'm a fan of the blacked out lower body and at some point will get around to doing that to my junk. I just have to stop being a wishy washy school girl and make up my mind what it wants to wear for colors.


Rebuilt by a guy in Wyoming. I think the past owner just wanted it to be good mechanical wise. I have all of the paperwork.